PCB Assembly


As a UK-based contract electrical manufacturer (CEM), you can pick up the phone and discuss your order, quick and easily.

From through-hole to ultra-fine pitch surface mount (SMT) Dzine can provide the PCB assembly solution you require.

Competitive pricing and fast turnaround helps your business maintain a competitive edge. We provide high quality products, exceptional customer support and flexible delivery.

Surface mount, conventional assembly, chassis wiring, instrument build and functional testing all available on site. We’re confident we can meet your entire production needs. Additional, services include conformal coating and equipment potting.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 accreditation means we have quality management systems which cover everything from the time your order is placed, to the despatch of your assembly

Conventional Through Hole Assembly

Some high power/high voltage components still require conventional through hole assembly. All of our technicians are highly experienced working to dedicated specifications and provide extremely high levels of quality and repeatability.


What Dzine can offer you!

  • PCB Assembly – Surface Mount Assembly down to 0201 placement
  • Highly Accurate Solder Paste Application
  • New SMT Placers (www.intelligentdrives.com) ensure task accurate placement
  • Heller Multi-Zone Reflow Oven
  • Conventional Assembly
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Electro Mechanical Assembly
  • All PCBs are 100% Inspected

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Off-Line hand placement available for additional flexibility
  • Fiducial alignment ensures reproducible and reliable results
  • Full Functional Testing
  • Box Build
  • Cable Loom and Cabinet Wiring
  • Auto-Led Cropping
  • Full Conformal Coating
  • Final Assembly and Product Packaging

Some of our clients include: